1001 uses for car rims

Old car rims are without a doubt an object that can be reinterpreted many times in many different contexts. A real specialist in second lives. Originally, a rim or "ring" is an object with great potential for reinterpretation. The material and shape from which it is made, as well as its dimensions and weight, allow it to be transformed almost directly from a car wheel to, for example, a weighted base for various vertical supports, such as traffic signs, parasols or market stalls. It also works perfectly as an informal kitchen for grills, ovens and smokers, as a base or foundation for sinks and small objects and, of course, as a school or church bell to announce school breaks. Car tyres can be used for other purposes in the most remote villages by ingenious blacksmiths and at the same time, by formal administrations and municipalities in many countries of the world to delimit areas in airports or to build mobile traffic signs. In Equatorial Guinea, the density of different uses for rims is particularly striking. Therefore, this entry is not a single object, but many different solutions that start from the same material, which after its life near cars, still has a lot of intelligence to show.