Anti Termite post base
Termites are problematic for wood frame constructions. In Melkadida refugee camp, light wood frame structures are the main solution for shelter refugees. Locals have developed simple and clever solutions to preventing termites reaching the pillars from being reached by termites. A piece of hardwood (Acacia) is used as the base of the post. At 60-90cm high, this piece is joined to a soft wood post. The joint is a half-lap splice joint or a simple direct joint of the two pieces. The first solution works better for vertical load transmission to the base. Joints are made using just nail and hammer solutions combined with metal stripes. (see evidence 09) This solution is widely spread in the community and we can find it in shops, public buildings, and houses. Unfortunately, hundreds of shelters that did not use this solution in their construction are currently in danger of collapse. In this context, and with limited resources, this solution gives us clues to a new mind frame about building materiale: use high-quality materials just where they are really needed in the piece and combine them with more affordable materials.