Floating Village
  作者:50年代戰後的老榮民 地點:淡水捷運站後方河口 材質:木頭、廢棄的門板、回收的物件 智慧:由於生活經濟困難,將廢棄的物件打造成居住空間。 說明:因為沒有金錢購買房子,選擇在河口上搭建,使用廢棄的材料,而形成這樣的景觀。   Author: 50 years after the war veterans. Location: TamSui MRT rear estuary. Material: Wood, discarded doors, recycled objects. Intelligence: Economic difficulties as living will be discarded objects made ​​of living space. Explanation: Because there is no money to buy a house, choose to build on in the estuary, the use of waste materials, and the formation of such a landscape.    
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