In the spirit of modernism,László Moholy-Nagy advocated the role of art in shaping society and its interconnection with technological innovation. His fascination with industrial materials, his radical innovations in the field of movement and light techniques are as important a part of his oeuvre as his particular methodological approach to crossing professional boundaries and linking different fields of work.

By bearing his name, the university expresses its identification with Moholy-Nagy’s educational and artistic principles, and its aim to preserve his legacy at both national and international level. His spirit of experimentation, his openness to technical innovation, his work to unite theory and practice, and his humanism above all else still inspire us today.

Officially, we have been Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design since 1 March 2006. In our case, this means more than just branding or brand building, it represents institutional culture. In the same year, we established the Moholy-Nagy Award, which is awarded annually by our professional Board of Trustees to individuals whose human and creative conduct is closely linked to the values represented by the institution.