2011 – 2020
Design and construction project of a physical office for Inteligencias Colectivas in Matadero Madrid, as part of the El Ranchito residency program. The Offfficina is constructed materially as a spatial prototype designed by evolving some of the evidence found around the world. But it is also built as an eventual prototype, as its design, construction, evolution, and commissioning are done through an open agenda. The Offfficina is physical and digital infrastructure, a space for cultural self-management, a workspace, and a physical archive connected to the web from which to review the work of the Collective Intelligences project. With the completion of El Ranchito, the Offfficina was transformed into a Mammoth greenhouse for the Jardín de Dahlias in Matadero Madrid and subsequently traveled as part of the Imagina Madrid program to the Bibliojardín de Opañel where it serves as a greenhouse-Bibliothek.