Wood and Clay Housing Evolution
Melkadida camp is a great example of how knowledge brought by both refugees and the host community is fused and evolves, bringing to life new construction solutions adapted to the availability of materials and climate reality. Western influence brought, in the last century, the post and beam structural type as well as the iron sheet facade. Local constructors have developed new facade solutions for this scheme based on the use of small branches, clay and/or plastic sheets, and traditional construction techniques. A framework of vertical and horizontal branches executed over the main posts shapes a facade which is permeable to wind and light without the need to have windows. This solution is usually adopted on the facades of shops and houses. In certain cases, the branch framework is covered on the interior or exterior with mud or plastic sheets enhancing the privacy of the interior. As well as in traditional Somali houses, builders make brilliant use of a local, sustainable resource in a construction solution that is also perfectly adapted to local climate conditions.