Palm Mat Facade
The local families of Melkadida, however numerous they may be, live in houses with only one room, the bedroom. Everything else is outside in open or semi-covered spaces. The sleeping rooms are built by the women, like almost everything else in their culture, with a delicate and at the same time resistant structural system that gives them that peculiar spherical shape. The temperature inside is much lower than outside, because of the shade and the ventilation system of the facade. Like many other elements of the Somali building tradition, the facades of the houses are made by weaving strands of palm leaves and knitted by hand by interweaving strands of cloth or cotton yarn with the palm leaves. The facades are light, cheap, resistant, and easy to install and replace as they are tied with ropes to the structure. These mats are also made in a more decorative way, using pattern-colored finishes for interior wall decoration or to lie comfortably on the floor.