Danub Urban Chess
Autor: Budapesterts del colectivo DANUB ???. Localización: Hungary, Budapest, Mikys car trunk. It is transportable. Materiales: OSB boards, paint and chalk. Dimensiones: Dismantled 1m x 50cm x 60cm. On game 3m x 3m x 80 cm Tiempo de ejecución: One week end. Tipología: Urban game. Inteligencia: to use urban elements for changing the scales of an ancient game. Portable and super-easy to assemble fun game. Explicación: Playing super size chess make everyone around participate much more of the game. Using the urban elements to make the battlefield more intense gives back the power of games for creating community. Ther are 2 increased scales that makes the difference. The material scale : making the wood pieces and the chessboard 10 time´s bigger allows many other urban elements to be part of the game, the illumination, the landscape, the walking for moving a piece, the nature around, the sound of the birds or bouts . . . The social scale : sharing the moves with someone you just met and geting concentrated with people arround is an amazing way to met new friends, to share your passion for cheess. Walking trhogh the game really makes that you could feel the threat in your bones. The new size of the game make it public, so that every one can play after you are done sharing the fun of a new urban experience. Información Gráfica: Localización: