Trash Stopper
1. 作者:佚名 2. 地點:台北市大安區師大夜市 3. 材料:塑膠墊 4. 智慧:防止遊客把垃圾丟在花圃裡 5. 說明:公寓入口旁的花圃常被當作垃圾桶丟棄垃圾,因為我們不會隨便把垃圾丟在路上,所以我們會找一些地方像是機車籃、花盆、交通錐之類看起來可以集中垃圾的地方丟棄,所以他們貼告示以及放置塑膠板防止大家將垃圾丟棄在這裡。這塑膠板具有通透性可讓植物長出以及透氣透水。 1. Author: Anonymous 2. Location: Da-an District, Taipei City 3. Materials: plastic pad 4. Intelligence: stop people from littering into the little garden 5. Explanation: It is a small garden beside the entrance of an apartment surrounded by NTNU night market, providing delicious food and drink to take out, people will not littering on the street but put them into something looks like it can collect trash such as flowerpot, basket in front of a bike, traffic cone etc. so they setup a sign telling no littering and put the plastic pad to block trash, but keep the vegetation growing out, water and air go though.
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