The green little neighbour plots of Kreuzberg Berlin
Author: Neigbours and businesspersons. Localization: All over de niegborhood. Kreuzberg, Berlin Materials: wood, plants , stones, toys, paint and other materials around. Dimensions: It depends on each of it but the average could be 1.50 m x 4.00 m and less than 1m height. Typology: Neighbourhood public little socialization spaces. Intelligence: The Council of this area of Berlin let the neighbours take care of this little green areas in front of their business or houses. Each area has it´s own character depending of the purpose or what the neighbours want to build. Since you can decide the design, some of them are just a little piece of local nature but some are for seating, or to lock the bikes. We found some for kids too. But also commercial calling sings or product selling it could be. It is said that if you take care of this little pieces of public land you can reduce your taxes, but that is just an urban legend. Public space with private management ? Is that possible? Graphic Information: Map/Localization: