The Dumpling Express
Author: Something Fantastic Localization: B├╝lowstr. 90, D-10783 Berlin Germany Materials: Three-wheeled bicycle with plywood box and solar cooker. Dimensions: 173cm x69cm x 178cm. Typology: Mobile program device. Intelligence: The infrastructure for coking is mobile, uses no electricity and is super efficient. Explanation: The Dumpling Express is a solar fueled, mobile dumpling cooker envisioned by Something Fantastic as a propagandistic ruse within the cityscape creating desire for a modern way of cooking and a more lively street scene. In many ways it is a 1:1 Manifestation of how Something Fantastic thinks future architecture should be. It is high-tech and low-tech at the same time. It uses the existing, it creates a space to interact,it is flexible. It enables you to cook food without using fossile fuels, coal or even electricity. It is cheap, simple, mobile and white. Graphic Information: Building instructions: Map/Localization: