Palm furniture Structure
In a context where wood is a very scarce resource due to the deforestation of the last decade, the use of sustainable natural resources such as the branches that are detached from palms and grow back every year, becomes a strategy with great potential, taking advantage of each part of the frond to build multiple objects. These can be lightweight surfaces for lying on or sitting on; chairs, benches, or beds made from the strong core of the branch. The boards are nailed to the eucalyptus support structure and trapped at the ends, leaving the edges free and reducing the use of nails. In the market, they are sold in batches with different ledges according to the type of furniture to be made. Families in the camp that want a new piece of furniture for their house start by buying the palm leaves they need in the market, and then call the carpenter, who will assemble the furniture made to measure in their own homes.