Money Burner
作者:佚名 地點:台灣台北縣淡水區 材質:鐵網 智慧:根據自己需求, 而自製的金爐 說明:在台灣的傳統信仰, 燒紙錢是做為祈求後的謝禮, 然而住家不會像廟宇專門設置一個給神明或好兄弟的混泥土金爐, 所以每戶都需要一個簡單的金爐。這種情況下, 人們利用鐵網在裡面燃燒紙錢, 最主要達到不讓已著然的紙亂飛。 Author:Anonymous Location:Tamsui District, Taipei, Taiwan Material:Iron net Intelligence:Regarding their request, they made a easy and useful burner. Explanation:In Taiwanese religion, in order to express appreciate to God or some religion events, we will burn the paper money for them. But impossible to set a concrete burner as temple. So each home need a small one. In this case, people use iron net to prevent the firing paper fly away, it is the main essence of the burner.