Mobile Vendors
  1. 作者:佚名
  2. 地點:台北市信義區五分埔商圈
  3. 材料:紙箱、塑膠籃、托盤、竹蓆
  4. 智慧:在非法的區域設攤
  5. 說明:在寸土寸金的商業區中,占用公共的騎樓、人行道或甚至街道空間做生意是很常見的。但這些延伸的部分必須在警察前來取締時迅速的移動到店裡,警察走後又迅速地擺出來。另外流動式的攤販會利用兩頭打開直立的紙箱作為托架販賣物品,警察前來取締時將商品倒入紙箱迅速離開。
  1. Author: Anonymous
  2. Location: Xin-yi District, Taipei City
  3. Materials: Carton, plastic basket, tray, bamboo mat
  4. Intelligence: vending on illegal places
  5. Explanation: Space is never enough for people selling their goods in such a high-density district, so they occupies public places like arcade, sidewalk or even street in front of their store to do more business. The “extensions” should be easy to move into their store quickly when police coming and extend out of the store when police left. And another kind of illegal vendors are mobile vendors. They use both-side opened carton to support their goods in the tray. They pour all their goods into the carton down below and ran away when police comes.
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