Homemade Rangehood& Filter
  1. 作者:佚名
  2. 地點:台灣
  3. 材料:紙箱、塑膠桶、風扇、鋁煙管、海綿、肥皂水
  4. 智慧:抽走油煙
  5. 說明:台灣人的烹調方式產生大量油煙,最一般的方式就是用風扇把它抽到室外,產生較大量油煙的餐廳或攤販會使用抽油煙機,但還是使用便宜的自製過濾器。透過肥皂水、瓦楞紙箱、海綿的過濾後再排放到水溝裡。
  1. Author: Anonymous
  2. Location: Taiwan
  3. Materials: Carton, plastic bucket, fan, aluminum air hose, soapy water, sponge
  4. Intelligence: draw out smoke from cooking
  5. Explanation: Taiwanese cuisine do lots of frying jobs, it generate smoke from steaming oil. In simple way, people use normal fan for cooling or ventilation to draw out smoke to the outside air. Restraint having larger scale will use range hood but also using homemade filter for lower costs. The big bucket contains a bucket of soapy water, corrugated paper board from carton, sponge to filtrate air from range hood, finally exhaust it into ditch.