Grafting orchids
作者:匿名 地點:台北永和區,台灣 尺寸:直徑約20cm 材料: 膠袋繩、 蘭花 智慧: 利用旁邊的貨物剩下的塑膠繩,廢物利用,將蘭花包著再綁在樹上。 說明:因為蘭花在大自然中通常是生長在樹上而不是土壤中大部分蘭花都是氣生根,裸露在外面也沒關係,只要在生長期把它的根綁在樹上,保持一定濕度,就可以成活。蘭花是一種高度演化的植物,可以適應不同的環境。有的長在泥土裏,有的依附在樹上或石頭上,有的長在菌上,有的甚至是長在亞瑪遜雨林的樹頂上。 Author: Anonymous Location: Taipei, Yonghe District, Taiwan Size: diameter of about 20cm Material: plastic rope, orchids Wisdom: the use of plastic next to the rest of the cargo rope, waste utilization, will be re-wrapped orchids tied to a tree. Description:Because orchids are usually grown in nature rather than in the trees most of the soil orchids are aerial roots,Bare, exposed it does not matter, as long as it's roots in the growing season tied to a tree, to maintain a certain humidity, it can survive. Orchid is a highly evolved plants that can adapt to different environments. Some long in the soil, some attached to trees or rocks, and some grow on bacteria, and some even grow in the Amazon rainforest treetops.   檢視較大的地圖