Going around arbitrarily
作者:一些台灣人。 地點:台灣各處 材質:鐵和許多的零件 智慧:讓不能走路的人們可以長距離和任意移動。 說明:誰是腿部有殘疾不能開車或騎摩托車。由於摩托車是用手控制。如果他或她想要長途或任意移動但不藉由公共交通工具,他/她可以騎多增加兩個輪子的摩托車。 Author: Some Taiwanese. Location: Everywhere in Taiwan Material: Iron and lots of parts Intelligence: Let people who can not walk can mobile for longer distance or arbitrarily. Explanation: People who is disability for leg can not drive or ride motorcycle. As a result of the motorcycle is control by hands. If he or she want to move for long distance or arbitrarily without public transport, he /her can ride the motorcycle that added 2 more tires. see larger map