Fly-drive device
作者:匿名 地點:台北永和區,台灣 尺寸:直徑約50cm 材料: 小馬達 、鐵 、塑膠繩 智慧: 趕蒼蠅專用:驅蠅器、海產店、小吃攤、餐廳都好用。 說明: 蒼蠅的眼睛是複眼,人眼 24圖/秒,複眼 240圖/秒。蒼蠅這對眼睛,由4,000顆像蜂窩般的小眼睛精密排列所組成,小眼睛又稱單眼,每一單眼看到的外界是局部影像,聚合才成為完整的形體。如果其中幾顆單眼損傷,蒼蠅所看到的物體影像會殘缺不全。   Author: Anonymous Location: Taipei, Yonghe District, Taiwan Size: diameter of about 50cm Materials: small motors, iron, plastic rope Wisdom: flies only: drive fly control, seafood restaurants, food stalls, restaurants are easy to use. Description: The eyes are compound eyes of flies, the human eye 24 Figure / sec, compound eyes 240 Figure / sec.It flies to the eyes, from 4,000 pieces of little eyes like a honeycomb-like arrangement consisting of precision, small eyes, also known as monocular, monocular see each image outside is a partial polymerization became full body. If one of the few single eye injury, flies will see images of objects mutilated. 檢視較大的地圖