Continuous watering potted
作者 : 咖啡店老闆 地點 : 淡水小漁港 材質 : 小鐵罐、鐵鍊、寶特瓶、細吸管、可調整水流隻濾嘴 智慧 : 可持續性澆水的盆栽 解釋 : 使用廢棄鐵罐和鐵鍊將盆栽固定於陽台上,且改造瓶上的濾嘴讓他可以 持續性的讓土壤保持濕潤,因此使用者可長時間不用替植物澆水 Author : the owner of coffee shop Location : Tamsui port Materials : little metal can, metal chain, PET bottle, slim straw, the filter tip can adjust the water flow Intelligence : continuous watering potted Explanation : use the abandon can and chain hang it on the balcony, and modify the filter tip up on the bottle so that can keep the soil wet and don’t need to watering the plants for a long time.