Aluminum Paper Lampshade
  1. 作者:佚名
  2. 地點:新北市永和區永安市場
  3. 材料:防油鋁箔紙
  4. 智慧:便宜有效易取得的燈罩
  5. 說明:在傳統市場中我們只會使用相當原始的用具,便宜、有效、便於攜帶或是留在攤位讓隔天不會被偷是首先的要件。這組燈罩是將防油紙捲成圓錐狀或是捏成碗狀,甚至用摺紙的方式折成一頂帽子,在尖端戳一個洞穿入電線,像一般的燈罩一樣罩住燈座與燈泡。有人會使用鐵盤作為燈罩但用鋁箔比較便宜好做而且比較沒有大小上的限制。
  1. Author: Anonymous
  2. Location: Yong-he District, New Taipei City
  3. Materials: Aluminum Paper
  4. Intelligence: Get an effective lampshade in economic way on a traditional market stand.
  5. Explanation: We always using simple devices in our traditional market, maters of low priced, effective, easy to carry on or well not be stolen tomorrow if they leave it on stand overnight. They roll aluminum paper into a cone, make it as a bow shape or even use the origami way to fold a “hat”. Then, poke a hole on the peak let the wire go though, cover the socket and light bulb as a normal lampshade. Someone using steel dinning plate instead but aluminum paper is cheaper and it is able to make the lampshade bigger.
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