A system for motorcycle to transport
作者:機車送貨員或郵差。 地點:台灣台北市大同區 材質:鐵,橡膠帶,塑料筐 情報:在同一種系統上放上不同的物件。然後,你可以隨身攜帶的任何不同類型的商品並且到處跑,沒有任何擔憂貨物會不見。 說明:在台灣的小巷,有很多的地方,汽車是無法通過。因此,人們選擇重新改裝的摩托車更加靈活的送貨如瓦斯或郵件。 Author: Delivery riders or postman. Location: Datong District,Taipei,Taiwan Material: Iron , rubber strips, plastic basket Intelligence: Putting the different object on the same kind system.Then you can carry any different type of goods and go around without any trepidation for the goods being gone. Explanation: In alleys of Taiwan, there is a lot of places that the car is unable to go through.So people choose the  re-equipped motocycle to send the goods for emergency such as gas tanks or letters.
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