A little sofa for second seat on your bike
作者:某些台灣人。 地點:台灣台北市大同區 材質:廢棄的墊和橡膠條,或廢棄的地墊和魔鬼粘 智慧:把家不會用到的材料拿來做成腳踏車上的第二個座位。然後,人們不用花費金錢和資源的一個新的。 說明:在自行車上的第二個座位,這是沒有必要的。但有些時候,你可能需要用自行車載人並且讓他或她舒適。所以這是因應這種偶然發生的情況一種方式並且你不需要花錢的一個新的。 Author:Some Taiwanese. Location: Datong District,Taipei,Taiwan Material: A Waste cushion and a rubber strips ,or waste mat and velcro Intelligence: Making a second seat on the bike from the materials which are not use at home.And then people will not spend money and resources for a new one. Explanation: It is not necessary for the second seat on the bike. But some time you may need to carry someone with the bike and make him or her confortable. So that is a way for the occasional condition and you do not need to spend money for a new one. see larger map