A Green Block
  作者:一些台灣人。 地點:台灣永和, 材質:水桶 智慧:重新使用底部破掉的水桶做為盆栽。 說明:在家附近的停車位是很難找到。也許當你回家時,被其他車所停以致你你失去了你的車位。因此,人們把一些諸如花盆做為標誌並阻止另其他車停。當車位主人把盆栽移到其他地方,那麼他就可以停   Author:Some Taiwanese. Location: Yonghe, Taiwan Material: Bucket Intelligence: re-using the bucket which was broken at bottom to a flowerpot. Explanation: The parking area near home is very hard to find. Maybe you lost your parking area by another car parking when you come home. So people put something such as plant pots to sign and block another car. And the owner can carry  it from his parking space to other place then he can park.  
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