Iron Fence
作者:佚名 地點:台灣台北市中正區 材質:I型鋼,圓管鐵,C型鋼 智慧:用剩下來的建築材料,製作成一個施工圍籬. 說明:在台灣, 因為道路施工多, 圍籬的使用相當高, 所以需要高強度又便宜的圍籬。 這種情況下, 人們採用剩餘的施工材料, 組合成耐用的圍籬。其施工過程是利用焊接技術, 將三種不同材料結合在一起。   Author:Anonymous Location:Zhongzheng District, Taipei, Taiwan Material:I beams, Iron pipes, C-type steels Intelligence:The fence was combine with unwanted material from construction site and cutting factory. Explanation:In Taiwan, we dig frequently on the road, so we always need some new fence which have to be strong and cheap. In this case, people use unwanted material welding each one and creative strong fences.