Rain catcher
作者:無名氏 位置:新北市淡水區 尺寸:10x10x150cm 材料:漏斗、鐵管 種類:排水 智慧:解決漏水 解釋:在市場裡,雖然有遮蔽物但多半為大自己搭建的雨遮,近乎半戶外空間, 時不時還是有漏水的問題,又無法全面更新屋頂,以漏斗將水導入排水溝中。 Rain catcher Authors: Anonymous Location: Danshui, New Taipei City Dimensions: 10x10x150cm Materials: Funnel, iron pipes Type: Drain Intelligence: To drain the water that leak from ceiling Explanation: In the market, the ceiling is much more like a combination of many rain shelters. It is actually a semi-outdoor space. The stands in the market can’t build up a new ceiling to solve the problem of leaking, so they use funnel to drain the water into the gutter.
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