24 de March de 2011

Upgrades Begin. Expanded Evidences Information

Upgrade is a freely accessible database where processed evidence will be published. It will provide additional and complementary information to that found in the catalogue. The edition of the intelligences will allow us to analyse and research on them, and thus enable a dissemination with a different degree of usefulness.

It will be the place where the edited evidences will be located, which will bring together as much information as possible. The evidences that appear in this section will be visualised through a homogeneous graphic document that will function almost as an icon. All of them will have detailed assembly instructions and a complete file that will allow working on their taxonomy, providing information on their production and authorship, but also on their classification and typology. In addition, each piece of evidence will contain added information through files in editable formats, which can be freely downloaded. Whenever possible, we will try to upload audiovisual information explaining the assembly of each Upgrade.