2 de October de 2013

IC Princeton Lecture-Class. Experimenting the bleach bottle light bulb invention.

Inteligencias colectivas was invited by Urtzi Grau to give a Lecture-Class at his teaching department at the Princeton University School of Architecture Envelope Group, headed by Alejandro Zaera-Polo and coordinated by him.For this special occasion we collaborate with Fran Gallardo, Spanish architect , studying and working on NYC with the Enviromental Health Clinic Lovely Princeton Campus. We were not happy enough with the assignment from Urtzy and propose him to make an little instant practical research with the students. For this investigation we decided to get deeper on the gutter invention super media spread over the world,  the Bottle Light. This  non electric light bulb made of plastic bottles filled with water and a tiny bit of bleach  have amaze to every person who see it. It is very fun to discover that many people only have seen the pictures related to this project and not reed the text. The invention is not making that a bottle of water and bleach gives light, like many people think. It´s is making that the sun light could enter dark spaces by embedding it on the roof. The bleach dissolved on the water filling the bottle make that the light reflects much more because of the bleach Cristal reflection properties, so that the normal flux of light passing trough the hole icreases, lighting up the room like an electric bulb, in 360º sphere radiation. Collecting the Material for the instant lab with professional collectors We were investigating 2 different things. On one hand the percentage of bleach dissolved on water formula and on the other specific reconfiguration possibilities of the bottle groups. The lab consist on 3 basic elements: + A riding lamp surrounded by a cardboard + A thick cardboard with the bottles embedded + Electronic devices to measure light radiation. Reflex digital Photographic camera light sensor and iPhone light sensor app. We came to a conclusion on one of the experiments, the proportion of beach and water that gives more light is 18% of beach dissolution. Thank you very much to everyone on the student group for the super fast 2 hours lecture-practical experiment-class.