DIY ceiling fan
      自製吊扇 作者:無名氏 位置:新北市淡水區 尺寸:30x30x50cm 材料:電扇、鐵棒、繩子 種類:家電 智慧:架高電扇 解釋:在市場裡無法架設固定的吊掛式電扇,一般的電扇高度又無法滿足需求,以繩子加上鐵棒固定電扇,簡易將電扇置於接近屋頂高度,並可拆解帶走。   DIY ceiling fan Authors: Anonymous Location: Danshui, New Taipei city Dimensions: 30x30x50cm Materials: Fan, Iron bars, Ropes Type: Appliances Intelligence: To make the fan higher Explanation: In the market, the stands can’t have a certain place and can’t have their own Ceiling fan. The height of common fan is not enough for their needs. They used ropes to fixed an iron bars near the ceiling and hang the fan up on it . In this way, the fan is easily to separate into pieces and carry around.
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