Extented cart
作者:無名氏 位置:新北市淡水區 尺寸:120x120x100cm 材料:推車、水管、鐵絲、木棒 種類:推車 智慧:增加載運量 解釋:一般推車的高度搬運的量有限,尤其是做回收時,重量不是特別重擔體積很大,將木棒綁在推車邊緣,增加高度,使其更容易搬運大量物品。 Authors: Anonymous Location: Danshui, New Taipei city Dimensions: 120x120x100cm Materials: Carts, pipes, wire, sticks Type: carts Intelligence: Increase the carrying capacity Explanation: The height of the cart’s container is not high enough, especially to people who use cart to carry the recyclables. Recyclables are sometimes not so heavy but volume is quite big. Adding sticks around the carts to make it able to carry more things.  
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